Who’s Writing This?

Hi there,

My name is Lachlan and I’m a massive fan of all things music-related. I grew up in a home where I heard everything from Uriah Heep and The Who to Canterbury Tales, the Muppet Movie soundtrack and the 1812 Overture.

I consider myself a music lover as opposed to an audiophile. To me, music and sound must be as practical as it is exceptional. I don’t believe in finicky audio setups that require massive expense and sensitive tuning and adjustment. That’s not to say I’m unaware of the benefits because I have heard truly amazing sound and appreciate it. The difference is that I want to be able to just enjoy my music without any fuss or hardship.

I studied speech pathology at university and have a thorough understanding of hearing. In addition, I have researched a lot about reproduction and dynamics as an enthusiast and as a car audio installer in addition to working as Training and Product Manager for Bang & Olufsen and Pioneer Electronics so I also view audio in terms of the manufacturer’s intended purpose for the products, technical production requirements and marketing approach (i.e. who is it for, is it made to an appropriate standard for the asking price, and does it hit the mark or exceed it?). My ultimate focus is always on natural, true-to-life sound and that is how I consider any product I listen to while viewing that through the lens of the elements I’ve just mentioned.

As well as being a music lover, I love to experience new speakers, headphones, sources (i.e. gadgets) and music. Whenever I buy new gadgets, speakers and headphones I like to read reviews and do my research, but I’ve found some reviews to be a bit hit and miss because it’s all so opinion-based. There’s no simple solution for that because sound and listening are so subjective so I thought I’d throw my hat in the ring and try to provide another mostly objective voice for any sources and speakers/headphones that I get to experience. To achieve this degree of objectivity I try to look at every product from the perspective of what it aims to be rather than whether or not I like it. I will of course say what I like / don’t like, but I try not to pan a product that isn’t to my taste so long as it’s doing “its thing” well. A great example would be the Noble PR IEM which has a sound signature I don’t particularly enjoy, but does it beautifully well.

I really hope this blog helps you, informs you or entertains you. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to share them. If you like what you read, I invite you to subscribe, and if you want your product featured here to receive more than 100s of hits per day, please contact me at passionforsound@lachlanfennen.com.

Happy reading and happy listening!